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rethink the results

The Proctor Gallagher Consultant Certification is a business opportunity for you to enter the personal development industry, with training and content to prepare you for immediate and lasting success. There is ongoing training to not only teach you how to provide this information, but also how to start and run a successful business. Join Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and their team as you apply these principles to your own life and build a business that teaches others to do the same. And you can get started right away.


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Make your wish list

The Bob Proctor Coaching Program consists of 12 months of interactive coaching designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts needed to succeed in life. You can expect to understand universal laws (and how they apply to you), understand your mind and use it to create what you want, a better image of yourself and the responsibility to achieve your goals.
This program is a strategically designed combination of education, accountability and action to progressively achieve your dreams.


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Break with your usual way of life

In this 120-day New Lead the Field training program, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will help you expand your consciousness by sharing the ancient truths and laws that Earl Nightingale so brilliantly buried in the original, award-winning recordings of the Personal Development series, Lead the Field. Field. Your success will be accelerated with exposure to these 12 relevant, explosive, mind-expanding, life-enhancing segments.


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The Secret of Thinking and Getting Rich Revealed

The legacy begins! Treat your mind to the essentials that have created more millionaires and billionaires than any other content on the planet. For over 57 years, Bob Proctor has daily followed Napoleon Hill's 13 principles from his bestselling book Think and Grow Rich. Make these lessons your daily personal mentor for all-around success!


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Where wealth is created, shared and multiplied

We all know how important your inner circle of friends and confidants is to your success and happiness. Well, here's your chance to join Proctor Gallagher's team and a group of like-minded people in a powerful inner circle. Imagine what it would be like to have access to Bob Proctor's protégés to ask questions, learn from their experiences, benefit from their knowledge, and intertwine your life with theirs to improve your life and expand. Also, you've organized mastermind sessions with others who want to make this possible and help you achieve your goals.


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escape the trap of living an average life

  • Learn to simplify and implement the process of making money.
  • Learn to think in a certain way that will get you the results you REALLY want.
  • Learn a special "trick" to keep in your pocket that can transform your day, week, project and life at any time.



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A simple and effective daily dose of success.

Six Minutes to Success is a very special membership program where you will receive a short video in your inbox every morning. The video was created to get you thinking and acting throughout your day while achieving your biggest and boldest goals. You'll find that the video you receive each morning contains exactly the message you need at that particular moment, and you'll have access to a video library where you can search for specific topics.


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Understand and apply the higher side of your mind.

Magic In Your Mind is a 6 week training program where you will understand and apply the 6 mind skills that can help you achieve ANYTHING you really want in life. This training program is perfect for beginners or experienced learners. Commit to understanding the magic you have for six weeks.


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Start your success NOW!

Streaming Club offers a systematic approach to building a better YOU and teaches you how to get exactly what you want in life. With weekly classes on our MOST requested topics, live Q&As, access to our LIVE streaming events, and a library of resources, you're equipped with everything you need to manifest your best life.


Proctor Gallagher books and products

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This bookend should be a staple in every home. Harness the power of repetition by reading the same paragraph over and over again for at least 30 days until the idea is in your subconscious. Bob Proctor did this for years and it was one of his top recommendations to his students.

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you were born rich

This book will help you to truly appreciate the deep reserves of power you have locked away and the fine line that separates winners from losers in life.

If you want MORE and BETTER... (13)


In The ABCs of Success, Proctor goes beyond the simple laws of success and attraction to discuss sixty-seven different topics important to those who pursue their dreams, including persistence, winning, effectiveness, and vision.

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Narrated by: Bob Proctor, Sandra Gallagher - In The ABC of Success, Proctor goes beyond the simple laws of success and attraction to discuss sixty-seven different issues important to anyone who wants to achieve their dreams, including persistence, winning, efficiency and vision.

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In The Art of Living, you will understand why we need to unlearn most of the wrong beliefs we have been indoctrinated with throughout our lives and how our intellect has the ability to not only move forward in life, but also to be our greatest handicap.

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The valuable and simple lesson contained in this book is that the best way to attract wealth is to stop seeking it and allow it to flow to you.

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When things happen in your life, you can react or react. In a split second, you can go from a place of anger, frustration, and fear to a sense of calm and knowing that everything is okay. Carrying this medallion will allow you to make that change.

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Up Down Upside Down Münzen

This coin beautifully illustrates the universal wealth (or success) strategy based on understanding and aligning with universal laws. As you move from the spiritual plane to the physical plane and from the inside out, what you desire will take shape.

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This coin will be a physical tool to align you with the goals and dreams you have set.

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coin pack

This is a pack of the three currencies we offer. You will receive 1 Goals Coin, 1 Up/Down Coin and 1 React Response Coin.

If you want MORE and BETTER... (21)

science of getting rich

After studying The Science of Getting Rich for over 25 years, Bob Proctor has developed a comprehensive wealth building program based on the content in this book. It is a practical program for people who want to get rich as quickly as possible and are ready to take the conclusions of science as a basis for their actions in order to achieve wealth.

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